The Retake

51PdxqkmS-L“Why do other women just sail through their pregnancies without any drama at all?”

After all of the drama in ‘My First Half’ and ‘Two Halves’, Cate, her professional footballer husband, Kian and their five-year old daughter, Lola are finally in a really good place. But when Cate finds out that she’s pregnant with their second child, nobody is more surprised than her. After the trauma of Lola’s birth, Cate has always been adamant that she doesn’t want to have any more children.

While she’s still struggling to come to terms with being pregnant again, her older sister and best friend, Liv gets drunk and almost burns down their local church during her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. That would be bad enough but what Liv does next shocks their family to the very core, leaving Cate estranged from both her sisters and her mum and doubting herself more than ever. With the love and support of Kian and their tight-knit group of friends, can Cate regain her confidence as a woman, wife and mother?

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