My First Half

My First Half (Cate & Kian Book 1) by [Hall, Louise]“I’ve kissed a lot of girls,” Kian said huskily, “but I’ve never felt like that before. There’s something between us, Cate and I can’t explain why or what it is, I just know that ever since we kissed last night, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” “Tell me you’re joking,” Cate said softly, “tell me this is all a wind-up.”

Cate Klein and Kian Warner absolutely shouldn’t be together. He’s a gorgeous Premier League footballer who’s famous in the tabloids for his one-night stands with models and pop princesses. Cate is 18 years old and has never even been kissed. She’s focused on studying for her A Levels and going to university. Boys don’t really notice her; she’s always been overshadowed by her vivacious best friend, Sinead. She doesn’t mind though because none of the boys she goes to college with could live up to her two crushes; Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre and Kian. There’s also the small fact that Kian is best friends with Cate’s older brother, Ben and Sinead, well she’s Kian’s younger sister.

But then on Christmas Eve, a lacy, black dress and a dare from Sinead catapults Cate straight into Kian’s waiting arms and before she can even say “mistletoe,” she’s not the quiet girl who’s never been kissed anymore. In fact the kiss they shared was so blazing hot; it must have burned up all the rule books because suddenly Kian freaking Warner actually seems to fancy quiet Cate Klein.

If their families ever found out, it would start World War 3 so they have to meet up in secret. But when tragedy strikes, Kian turns to Cate for comfort. The consequences of that night mean that they can no longer keep their relationship a secret from their families.

Cate has spent 18 years hiding in the shadows, how will she cope when she’s suddenly thrust into the harsh spotlight? He might be a Premier League footballer but being with Kian Warner definitely isn’t a fairy-tale of spa days and designer shopping trips.

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