Book Beginning (14/04)

Book Beginning is hosted by Rose City Reader.  It’s where you share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

This week’s quote is from ‘Infini‘ by Krista & Becca Ritchie.

Aerial Ethereal Artists,

A new year means big changes.  Please keep this in mind as we begin the process of hiring new & veteran artists.

My Initial Thoughts

‘Infini’ is the 2nd book in the Aerial Ethereal series after ‘Amour Amour‘.  I’ve read ‘Amour Amour’ and it’s one of my all-time favourites but I understand that ‘Infini’ can also be read as a standalone.

Aerial Ethereal is a Cirque du Soleil style company with 8 shows (3 touring, 1 in Montreal, 1 in New York and 3 in Las Vegas).  ‘Infini’ like ‘Amour Amour’ focuses on one of the shows based in Las Vegas.  The prologue begins with a series of e-mails from Marc Duval, the Creative Director of AE to the artists outlining his plans for the new year, which include bringing in a new choreographer to freshen up the show ‘Infini’ and changing the room assignments.

Like last week’s selection, the 1st sentence wasn’t exactly a grab you by the scruff of your neck and demand your attention kind of a sentence but again, I don’t think it needs to be.  If you’ve ever seen one of these types of circus shows, you’ll know that the skills these performers have are jaw-dropping and so the idea of getting a glimpse behind the scenes is more than enough to intrigue me into reading more.

Right from the very beginning, I couldn’t help but feel for the main character, Luka (he’s the younger brother of Nikolai aka one of the best Book Boyfriends ever from ‘Amour Amour’).  Luka has literally grown up within the company.  His parents are performers in one of the touring shows and his extended family of siblings and cousins make up about a third of Aerial Ethereal.

It seems like a very strange existence – as soon as they could, his parents entrusted him and his siblings to the guardianship of his older brother, Nikolai who was only in his early twenties so that they could continue with their own careers.  He doesn’t even know which continent they’re currently performing in.  He might be surrounded by his siblings and cousins but he still seems quite sad and lonely.  He’s also got a five-finger discount habit and his suite at the hotel is full of cheap, little souvenirs which have still got the price tags on.

When he was fifteen, he was caught by one of his cousins in a compromising position with his best friend in the company, Baylee Wright.  Aerial Ethereal has a policy that minors working for the company are strictly forbidden from engaging in sexual activity with any other employee of the company.  In all previous cases where this had occurred, the guilty parties were immediately fired but Baylee was so talented that they didn’t want to lose her from the company and so they offered both Luka and Baylee a choice; they could either sign a contract forbidding them to have any contact with each other for the rest of their lives or they would be fired from the company.

It was a really tough decision for Luka because if he signed the contract he’d lose his best friend, the girl who gave him the love and affection that he so badly needed but if he didn’t sign it, he’d be kicked out of the company.  Aerial Ethereal was all he really knew; he’d always been tutored and had never been to a regular high school.  Plus, his family were so busy with the company that he’d probably lose touch with them too.  So he signed the contract.

I’m only at the beginning of the book but since Luka and Baylee are now signed up to the same show and will be working together again for the first time in years, I’m already crazy excited to find out what happens next 🙂

Infini by [Ritchie, Krista, Ritchie, Becca]Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Some love is infinite

“Don’t have a best friend that’s a girl” — this was the advice from my older cousin. I didn’t take it. Because he followed with, “friends don’t f*ck friends. And you’ll want to f*ck her.”

It was terrible advice.

My cousin should’ve told me that being best friends with Baylee Wright — since she was twelve — would be the best and worst decision of my life.

He should have told me to protect her from what was coming.

He should have told me that when a darkness crawled towards us, there’d be no safety net.

Now I’ve signed back on to the same Vegas acrobatic show as Baylee, working together for the first time in years. And she tells me that she’s having trouble in a certain “area” of her life — because of our past.

“You can help me fix it,” she says.

And then she hands me a list.

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