That’s What He Said Thursday (13/04)


That’s What He Said Thursday is a bookish meme hosted by Chapter Break. To participate you just have to share a quote that one of your (many) book boyfriends said to his girl (who you wish you were). To learn more about this meme click here.

Each week I’m going to pick my favourite book boyfriend from an author whose surname begins with a particular letter of the alphabet.  Last week’s letter was A and the book boyfriend was Dr Luke Miller from the sweet and funny ‘Wrong‘ by Jana Aston.

This week’s letter is B and so I’ve picked Jake Harrison from ‘Parisian Nights‘ by Louise Bay.  I’ve read and really enjoyed all of this author’s books but this and ‘Hopeful‘ are definitely my favourites.  ‘Parisian Nights’ was originally published in three separate parts as ‘What the Lightning Sees’ and that’s how I read them so this week’s quote is from Part 1.

I’ve chosen this quote because I absolutely love the bickering between Haven and Jake.  When we first meet them, Haven is a Features Editor at Rallegra, a glossy women’s magazine but dresses like she’s going to a funeral, wears her hair in a severe bun and has the “expression of someone ready for a fight.”  While Jake is a photographer with rich friends, who dates high-end glamazons and drives an Aston Martin DB9.  He thinks that she’s an uptight bitch and she thinks that he’s just a spoiled, little rich boy living off his father’s money.  It turns out that they’re both wrong.  The chemistry between them is off the charts and it’s really fun to watch as they get to know each other better when they’re sent to Paris to interview Rallegra’s next cover star, Sandy Fox.

I think that constitutes a record for you in terms of how many insults you can pack into a single statement.  Anyone would think you’re asking to get kissed by me.

I have to admit that at the end of the 1st part, Jake did something which definitely made me want to high five him in his cocky, handsome face with a good, solid chair on Haven’s behalf but he did turn it around in the 2nd and 3rd parts and so deserves his place here in the Book Boyfriend Hall of Fame.

If you like ‘Parisian Nights’, you might want to check out the two linked stories, ‘Promised Nights‘ (featuring Haven’s brother, Luke and her best friend, Ash) and ‘Indigo Nights‘ (featuring Jake’s sister, Beth).

Parisian Nights (The Nights Series Book 1) by [Bay, Louise]Parisian Nights‘ by Louise Bay

The moment I laid eyes on the new photographer at work, I had his number. Cocky, arrogant and super wealthy—women were eating out of his hand as soon as his tight ass crossed the threshold of our office. But not me. I knew better.

When we were forced to go to Paris together for an assignment, I wasn’t interested in his seductive smile, his sexy accent or his dirty laugh. I wasn’t falling for his charms.

Until I did.

Until Paris.

Until he was kissing me and I was wondering how it happened. Until he was dragging his lips across my skin and I was hoping for more. Paris does funny things to a girl and he might have gotten me naked.

But Paris couldn’t last forever.

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