Two Halves – Pre-Order Links

Two Halves‘, the sequel to ‘My First Half’ is available now to pre-order from Amazon UK / US.

“Nobody wTwo Halves (Cate & Kian Book 2) by [Hall, Louise]ould judge you for being a footballer with a wife; everybody would judge me for being a footballer’s wife.”

It’s 3 years on from ‘My First Half’ and Cate and Kian have got their happy ever after… almost. They’ve been married for 4 years and have a 3-year-old daughter, Lola but apart from their close friends and family, nobody else knows about their marriage. The press still think that Kian is a carefree bachelor engaged in an on again-off again relationship with Alice Devereux.

To avoid being judged as a ditzy WAG whose only interests are designer handbags and shoes, Cate has enrolled at university under her maiden name and none of her classmates know about Kian or Lola. It’s her chance to find out what her life could have been like if she hadn’t got married and pregnant at 18.

When Cate finds out about Kian’s drunken tryst with one of his sister’s friends after his England team got knocked out of the World Cup on penalties again, she leaves him and moves back home with her Mum and older sister, Liv. Kian tries desperately to win her back but Cate has to decide not only if she can forgive him but now that she’s back in her old attic bedroom, surrounded by all of her teenage paraphernalia, does she really want to be Cate Warner, the wife of a professional footballer or would she rather be Cate Klein again?

If you’d like to have a sneak peek at some of the things which inspired ‘Two Halves’, you can also check out the Pinterest board 🙂


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