It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (27/03)


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I apologise for starting what should be a fun post on such a somber note but when looking back at last week, I can’t ignore the terrorist attack which happened here in England last Wednesday and left four innocent people dead and countless others injured.  My thoughts and prayers are with everybody who was caught up in that horrific incident.

On a personal note, last week was definitely a mixed bag.  I’m still in limbo waiting to hear about my new job but on the plus side, it has given me the chance to finish editing my 2nd novel ‘Two Halves‘ which is available now to pre-order on Amazon (release date: 10th June 2017) *cough* shameless plug *cough*

What I Read Last Week (5)

The downtime has also given me the chance to catch up on the latest books from two of my all-time favourite authors (Melanie Harlow and Samantha Young) and start two new series (Hudson Valley and Brooklyn Bruisers).

What I Bought Last Week (4)

Last week was full of bargains – I got ‘Cream of the Crop’ and ‘Rookie Move’ (above) for 99p in the Amazon Spring Sale and ‘The Rousseaus Boxed Set 1-3‘ by Katy Regnery (which features the full-length novels ‘Jonquils for Jax’, ‘Marry Me Mad’ and ‘J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis’) also for 99p.  I absolutely adored ‘Kiss Me Kate‘ and these 3 books focus on Etienne’s siblings: Jax, Mad and J.C.

After finishing ‘Rookie Move’ (my 5-star read this week), I immediately purchased the next book in the Brooklyn Bruisers series, ‘Hard Hitter’.

What I’m Going to Read Next:

Everything for Her (For Her #1)

Everything For Her by Alexa Riley

I’ll never forget the way she looked, so confident and sure of herself. I watched her from a distance. She wasn’t ready for me yet. I didn’t approach her and I didn’t disturb her, but I never once took my eyes off her.  

Mallory Sullivan is ready to start her new life. After graduating at the top of her class, she’s landed one of the most coveted internships in the United States. Hard work and determination have gotten her to this moment of living the life she only dreamed of while growing up in foster care.

From the start, I knew that she would be my greatest achievement, so the day I let her go, I set down a path for her. A path to me.  

She never expected Oz to be the greatest culmination of those dreams. But sometimes fate determines who you fall in love with. Who makes you lose control. Who owns your soul.

And then you realize it wasn’t fate at all…

I’ve wanted to care for and protect her since the first moment I saw her. I’ve constructed everything in our lives so that at the perfect moment, I could have her, could give her the life she deserves.  


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